Megan Edwards grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in a normal(ish) family of a mom, dad and sister. When she was 20 years old, her parents divorced and a few years later, her mother re-married, became a StepMom and, in turn, Megan had a new StepDad and 2 StepSisters. Little did she know that she would be in a similar position to her mother a few years later.

Megan started off her entertainment career when she was 11 years old as a child model. She has done almost everything in the entertainment industry but knew she found her dream job when she was hired as a Radio Announcer and then started a career as a TV Host. They were both jobs where she could totally be herself!! During a concert her radio station hosted, she met, who would eventually be, the man of her dreams.

When she moved to Vancouver a few months later to continue her career in the entertainment industry, she and that “Dream Man” reconnected, started a relationship and Megan was introduced to her future StepSon.

Megan has always been a career driven person focused on achieving her dreams. She is very open and honest about how she feels and when the StepMom role became part of her life, she didn’t have many people to turn to who understood what a massive transition it was. There have been some rough patches along the way and she knows there are other StepMoms figuring out how to cope with the same family dynamic. StepMomsAnonymous.com has been, and will continue to be, a source of support for her and for StepMoms all over.

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