Interesting article

Found this link about “12 Things a StepMother Should Never Say” from and although I agree with some of these, I almost felt like it was s new StepMom.

Some of the writing was very condescending and just plain didn’t make sense…example: “Life is messy, and it’s even messier when
you choose a man with children. But remember: It’s better to have a man with kids than one without kids who flosses his cat’s teeth.” Are you kidding me?? Take a read and see if you feel the same! – Megan




Megan EdwardsInteresting article

Sometimes stepkids have the best ideas

My StepSon swapped slippers with my friends son…super cute.

The Spider-Man ones were on sale at Target for about $5.

Megan EdwardsSometimes stepkids have the best ideas

Patience. Must find patience.

A very important lesson to learn on the path to blending a family. Definitely one I had to learn.

Megan EdwardsPatience. Must find patience.

Teaching your stepchild new things

Being a #StepMom has its ups & downs. Recently I had a bonding moment with my stepchild; teaching him to ski!

Megan EdwardsTeaching your stepchild new things