Dad/StepMom Payback Time!!!

I don’t know if my StepSon is just really tired or if my partner and I are just very well rested but, for the past 2 mornings, we have woken up before him. Now, what usually happens is, he wakes us up and blares his alarm clock in our room until we get out of bed. It’s really rough when you’re tired!! So this morning, it was time for us to get him up so we went into his room and tried to get him out of bed. He wasn’t having it. So we turned on his alarm clock and started dancing to the song it plays. My only regret about this, is I don’t have a video of it!! I don’t think he will be waking us up that way anymore! LOL!

alarm clock pic

Megan EdwardsDad/StepMom Payback Time!!!