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    anonymous post from one of our followers:

    “I’m a full-time StepMom to 3 kids aged 4, 10 and 12. We have had the older two children in our care for about a year and the youngest for around 6 months. The mom of the children has decided to choose men and a life without kids. My vent is that we have tried to encourage contact with their mom. However, a lot of the time she says she will be there to talk over the phone, and when the children call her, she isn’t. She has also made promises about sending things in the mail. The kids will constantly ask if their parcel has arrived, but it never does. They end up taking it out on each other by fighting.

    When their mother does talk to them she says horrible things about my race or any friends that the daughter has that are the same race as me. The 12 year-old Son doesn’t want to talk with his mother anymore. The 4 year old is starting to lose interest because, when they do talk, the mother usually ends up crying over the phone. It tears my heart to pieces seeing the kids go through such pain and turmoil at no fault of their own. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Sometimes I feel like I am alone trying to keep this family together. The father does what he can, but he works 6 days a week. Sometimes, I think about giving up on this situation. The cuddles and love at the end of the day are precious and make it worth the struggle. I just wonder is there more I can do or do I just try to be one stable piece of their lives and hope that is enough?”

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