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    Megan Edwards

    In the begining it was easy, and then we had my step son and step daughter majority of the time. We have since then had a child of our own who is now 17 months and custody with the kids is 50/50. I never asked for this life and certainly did not think it would ever be this bad. When I first met my fiance things were perfect and I was so happy. I got pregnant with my son pretty early in our relationship so I went from not having any kids to having 3 in about a years time. Money stress started to kick in and things in our home started to break. My finace started hanging out with his friends more leaving me alone. On the nights we did have his kids was so stressful bc nothing was ever good enough for them. They have to be entertained the whole time while with us or we are bad parents. My son was born and things just got worse. On the nights the kids were with us things had to ba a production and on the nights they were gone so was he usually.The kids are so spoiled and ungrateful that its not enjoyable doing anything with them anymore. They have come to expect things that most families do as rewards or special treats, on a regular basis. Their mother is a good mom in the sense they are fed and clothed but she does not do things with them or go through half the trouble we are expected to. Most of our fights if not all are about his kids with his ex, I dont know what to do anymore. Please help!!!

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