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    Anonymous post from one of our followers:

    “I feel like I’m going through this StepMom crap alone. I rarely get any support from my husband. He works out in camp and makes good money, but I’m not allowed to spend any of it. If I do, he freaks out. I can’t get a job because I raise his 2 toddlers at home. He’s only home 2 weeks out of the month and just over this last weekend my husband went out and spent 400 dollars partying with his co-workers and didn’t bother to tell me where he was. Not only was I worried, but I was also angry because if I can’t spend anything why the f*** can he? I’ve talked to him about this but I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m drowning, How the hell do you get above water? I’m at my wits end with my marriage and being a StepMom. I want to walk away from this but I don’t know if leaving is the answer. Does anyone else ever feel like this? If so, can I get some advice?”

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