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    Megan Edwards

    I have two children of my own (15 yr old son, 13 yr old daughter) and now 2 stepchildren both girls ages 7 & 8 1/2. The oldest girl, G, is struggling with the new family dynamics. She nor her sister have had much discipline at all and are disrespectful, whiny etc. but luckily my husband is working on this. I need specific strategies/advice on how to handle situations like some of the following-
    What to do when she refuses to come in and speak to me when getting home….. Do I let it go? Go to her room and tell her hey?

    When in public, whether just standing or going to eat etc. she gets between my husband and I. Says “Daddy you sit with me”….At church when she realized he was going to sit between us she got up and told him to sit on the end so he wouldn’t be by me at all. (keep in mind we don’t want to cause a big scene at church…) After church while being introduced to people every time I moved, she repositioned herself between us.

    She runs to the car and gets in the front seat and puts her seatbelt on.

    If he asks me to take them to school she starts crying and yelling she wants him to take them.

    Bedtime is AWFUL b/c both girls had been sleeping in his bed (mostly w/o him) but they also sleep with their mom nightly. Now of course that’s not ok and it leads to G crying and yelling “It’s her fault I can’t sleep in your bed…. etc.” and on Sunday he didn’t travel 2.5 hrs away (their weekend with their mom) to a soccer game (he went on Saturday – w/o me bc my daughter had a game elsewhere). We are very active in our church and he told her he wouldn’t be there bc he was going to church. He called when he knew the game was over and she got on the phone and told him she knew he was lying – that he didn’t go to church – he didn’t go to her game b/c he was with me.

    I know a lot of these situations are things my husband has to handle but he needs advice too.

    All help is VERY appreciated!

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