Surprise for My StepSon!!

I am so excited that, in 2 weeks, my Dad will be bringing my cat, Ollie, to Vancouver to live with us!! I found Ollie back in 2009, right after the cat I had since I was 8, passed away so he is very special to me. I have had to wait 2.5 years until I got settled in Vancouver and owned a place that allowed pets before I could take him.

I’m pumped because this is an opportunity for me to surprise my StepSon! He has a cat at his mom’s house, so I know he loves them and having a new (to him) cat will be very exciting. I have been planting the seed for a few weeks now; “How nice would it be to have a cat?” “Look at a picture of my cat Ollie!” etc. I have been having dreams about this (that’s how excited I am!!) so I will be sure to post a video of the first time my SS sees my cat Ollie.


Megan EdwardsSurprise for My StepSon!!